Holistic Peer Counseling

with Amara Karuna


Emotional Skills for a Changing World


Step forward into a new level of vibrant living and self awareness

* Transform emotional pain and make permanent life changes

* Connect with a community of others for mutual support


"Thank you so much for all your tremendous experience, insight, wisdom, caring, love, compassion, patience, reassurance, walking so consistently in and through your life, and joyful laughing."

- Shana

Client, Student

"The work I have done with Amara has had a deep, profound impact on my life. I am so grateful to have her skilled and graceful guidance in exploring the potentially uncomfortable and mysterious terrain of both my mind and body. 

The heightened awareness and self-knowledge I have gained is life changing and empowering. Amara truly has a gift in providing a safe and spacious container for this kind of intimate inquiry."


Client, Student

What if

you could better understand your deep and irrational feelings that arise when triggered, which keep you from making good decisions?  

And have the skills to process them either alone or with others?  

Imagine if

you had others to call on who can help you move through strong feelings when they arise, without having to pay large fees?  

What if

you could free yourself from habits, addictions, aversions and compulsions?

Exchange deeply transformative, client centered peer therapy, which taps in to our old emotional imprints and helps to transform them. 

This work is essentially different from most forms of therapy with a paid professional.  

It's a grassroots, do-it-yourself technology that allows everyone to learn the skills of both giving and receiving. 

The power of sharing this is inherently healing.

Introductory Video:

Foundational ideas on emotion and emotional healing, with Amara in Hawaii

Beginning, intermediate and advanced trainings in peer counseling, and teacher training available.

Video classes, DVDs and CDs of trainings.

 This approach is not appropriate for everyone, since it requires you to have the energy  to give as well as receive sessions.  If you are really in a life crisis, it is best to see a professional.

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