Holistic Peer Counseling

with Amara Karuna


A sampling of writings, © Amara Wahaba Karuna

Feel free to print these for your personal use only, Click for printable PDFs:

General Principles of HPC

Peer Network - we are all equals, even if we have different skills, resources, educations and bodies

Co-creation- we trade counseling time equally, each taking the role of client and counselor alternately

Radical Self Empowerment- We have the power to heal from our wounds, with help from others.  

Holistic- we use effective healing techniques from many sources, including psychology, bodywork, breath work, energy healing and mediation.

Societal Programming- Many of our mental and emotional habits are installed from cultural norms, and can be examined and dissolved 

Emotion Positive- Emotions are natural, healthy waves of energy that give life and vitality

Trust in our Human Inner Goodness

Trusting the Natural Process- When emotions are intentionally honored and given attention and space to be, they naturally heal and transform

Emotional Mastery and Rationality- emotions can be felt fully in a safe container, without having to act on them, and this leads to clearer thinking and decisions

Process Principles:

Client centered- the sessions are directed by the client with help from the counselor

Consensual- all activities are co-created and verbally agreed on by the people sharing time

Radical and skillful honesty and transparency - Revealing feelings and thinking that have been hidden or suppressed is inherently healing, when done intentionally in session

Emotional Responsibility- We take responsibility for healing the traumas and hurts that we have accumulated, and can learn to have choice about when we are triggered

Getting to the Root Injury- Finding the root memories of old trauma and allowing conscious awareness and acceptance brings healing

Affinity groups- When people with similar experiences meet together, they can be very effective in healing

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