Holistic Peer Counseling

with Amara Karuna


What are we doing exactly?

Co-Creating a Supportive Community

of peers for personal healing and human evolution

Gaining Emotional Skills

  • Knowing when you have become triggered and what to do about it
  • Riding the Waves without drowning or repressing, or acting on them
  • Finding the Roots of our distress patterns
  • Enjoying the Healing Power of Good Attention focusing both inward and outward
  • Learn Witnessing and Empathic Listening- Being lovingly present and neutral for others
  • Practice Active Counseling - giving effective prompts for faster healing
  • Identify Patterns- Freeing ourselves of old mental/ emotional habits created by trauma
  • Transformative Repatterning of neural networks and habits 

Developing Energetic and Emotional Boundaries

Very important if you are easily influenced by others

Holistic Integration - loving all levels of our beings

 including body, mind, spirit!

Using meditation, visualization, breathwork, emotional release, energy healing, bodywork and counseling techniques

Learn not only to give effective sessions to others, but how to explore your own consciousness and make intentional changes as a client.  

This empowers each person and breaks out of traditional professional roles of counselor and client.

These skills can improve health, relationships, inner peace and can be used to help your friends, children and family throughout life.  

A wonderful training for anyone involved in health or healing professions, such as counseling, massage and bodywork. 

Taking this series will enable you to take other more advanced classes.  People already trained in RC and other forms of peer counseling are welcome.

Beginning Peer Counseling Training

Content of the Beginning Series:

  • How to stay grounded in emotional situations
  • Effective change with the least suffering
  • What to do and not to do as a counselor
  • What gets in the way of healing
  • Clearing your energy
  • How to end a session and get attention back to normal, 

  • Outline of the counseling process
  • Centering and reclaiming lost energy
  • What to do if the counselor becomes upset
  • How to ask for what you want from a counselor
  • Owning your own space
  • Scanning the past to work on a specific moment or issue

  • Presencing- becoming self aware
  • How to keep attention balanced between awareness of the present, positive reality and the past hurts in sessions

  • How to begin being more active as a counselor 
  • What is counteracting the pain?
  • Basic steps in being more active as a counselor
  • Some basic ways of counteracting the distress
  • Practicing the steps of active counseling in demonstrations

  • Breathing meditations
  • Introduction to using movement and vocal flag cues
  • Using exaggeration of movement flags to access feelings
  • Introduction to working with inner parts of ourselves and letting them speak
  • Match energy with someone or not as you choose 
  • How to separate out your energy when needed 

  • And much more!

"Amara was my first Re-Evaluation (R.C.) counselor who went on to develop her own form of peer counseling called Wholistic Peer Support . I studied with her in 1995-1997 and with her encouragement and role modeling, I developed and continue to teach Holistic Peer Counseling . 

I owe Amara more than I can express here. Her healing and wisdom have dramatically altered the course of my life in a myriad of beneficial ways that are both obvious and subtle. I have thrived and bloomed under her mentorship. She continues to be a great source of love and inspiration that is palpable in both my daily spiritual practices and my healing sessions with other people."
Teri Ciacchi
Student, teacher, counselor

Spiritually Focused Trainings

Psychic Survival Skills 

for Sensitive People

Are you sometimes told by others that you are "too sensitive"?

Do you sometimes have trouble separating your feelings from this around you?

Are you strongly influenced by the people and environment around you?

Some people are born with a natural psychic sensitivity that makes it challenging to live in our western culture.  

Some naturally sense what others are feeling, and some have deep intuitive insights and feelings about the future. 

Most of us who have these talents are told we are crazy and that they are not real, so we don't usually get any training in how to manage them.

Come learn some basic practices you can do to manage your own psychic hygiene, and gain more mastery with your energy and mind.

We will introduce these topics, and give you a list of the practices to take home:

  • Grounding, Being in the body
  • Centering, Reclaiming lost energy, 
  • Being in your own space, owning your space.  
  • Defining Healthy Boundaries
  • Psychic Self Protection; 
  • Body of air, no resistance, staying neutral, 
  • Separating/boundaries
  • Matching energy, transmuting energy

Intermediate Trainings:

         We will be learning the basics of the art and mystery of giving effective support to young people in this introductory class, for people who have already had the beginning co-counseling one month training.

        Children are easy to counsel, in one sense, because they are so uninhibited with expressing their feelings.  Yet they often express them quite insistently in moments which do not seem like the best times, to the adults who are attempting to manage life, get to appointments, talk on the phone, etc.

        How can be take care of our own needs and also those of our young people?  What can we do to help them grow without keeping a big backlog of acquired emotional baggage?  What gets in our way when we attempt to be present for them?  How are young people and parents oppressed by our culture?

        Come explore these questions and prepare to explore your own childhood... please come even if you are not a parent!  This is very fertile ground for fast inner growth.

"Amara is a great teacher because  she is always fully human, never authoritarian, and she welcomes the thinking of others without surrendering her leadership of the class. 

All this PLUS she is courageous, sensitive, playful, accepting,  vulnerable and etc, etc, etc!" -L.N.


*Relationships and Sexuality -

How to create healthy relationships, how sex roles affect relationship, societal patterns around sexuality

*Oppression in Society - How the attitudes of society affect our emotional health, and how that is specifically for women, men, young people, GLBT, and different economic classes.

*Breathwork- how to use breathing for emotional healing and release

*Healing Circles- small support groups for intensive personal growth

* Polyamory Support groups-working with open relationships and thinking out of the box in loving connections

*Communication skills- giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness

*Parent's Support Groups -Oppression of parents by society, cutting through isolation, how to counsel your children, how to work with feelings about your children.

*Women's groups

*Addictions- Working on additions of all kinds, including food, drugs, sex, work, etc.

Effective Counseling Skills

Coached Counseling Intermediate Class

        What gets in the way of teaching or leading elegantly, and being fully empowered and creative in our lives? 

 Let's find out!

We will work with the coached counseling technique, which is a wonderful way to improve counseling skills and learn to give counseling to someone in a group setting.

Working in 3 way sessions, one person is the client, one the counselor and one the coach.  The session is focused on helping the counselor be clear and think well about the client.  it is really exciting work!

This class requires a good grounding in co-counseling techniques and is not for beginners. 

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